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When you absolutely have to have water

The first hybrid water well drill empowers choice between human and electric power.

No big crew needed.

You just need one or two people to operate the Rapid Water Hybrid Drill, the global leader in borehole drilling technology.

This major advancement expands the versatility and performance of the original drill by adding an electric option.

It’s the first-ever deep water drilling machine that can be operated with or without electricity.




Easily fits in a pickup truck—or even a canoe


Quickly switches between human and electric power


Rams through hard substrates with industry-leading diamond drill bit


Drills water wells at the best value—a small fraction of the cost of a big rig drilling truck


Upgrades the award-winning Village Drill, backed by a decade of successful wells

Made in America

Crafted utilizing U.S. technology, manufacturing, and steel

Meticulously crafted, yet ingeniously simple


Maximum drilling depth: 270 feet

For full technical specifications, contact us.

Intentionally straightforward

  • Quickly learn how to drill a water well
  • Set up the drill in under 90 minutes

All inclusive

Everything you need comes in the box:


  • Generator
  • Hand-cranked wheel for manual operation
  • Motor and electric kit
  • All other parts and tools you’ll need to start drilling right away

Outlive your thirst.

Humans can only go a few days without drinking water.

The Rapid Water Hybrid Drill outperforms big rig drilling trucks in several key areas, like versatility, portability, and cost.

Drill in the most remote regions for 75% less than a big rig.

If the taps go dry, what’s your emergency plan?


Our track record is unmatched.

Water wells



"The Rapid Water Drill is amazing. It's easy to operate and durable, and it can drill in rural areas where a big truck cannot go."

Davison Chenogi, drillmaster

"With almost 200 wells drilled, we have not had any major breakdowns. Its portability sets it apart... With a small truck, the drill can reach almost anywhere."